Corporate profile

Trade name
KUSUHARA Transportation Co., Ltd.
November 8, 1947
320,000,000 Yen
2-43-1 Higashi Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Representative Director,
Takaaki Hanajima
1,910 (11 directors, 7 Corporate Officer, 432 office personnel, 851 drivers, 13 mechanics, and 596 workers)
Description of business
Port transportation business / warehouse business / trucking business / cargo forward business / automobile service business / customs agent / factory premise work / heavy load transportation and installation business / packaging business / construction and civil engineering business / industrial waste disposal business / business to pickup from the waste generator by the retailer and manufacturer, and collection and transportation of the special household appliances and special household appliance wastage / general worker dispatching business / mediation, rental, trading, and management of real estate / all other businesses associated or related to the above items
Affiliate companies
Yahata Shoji Co., Ltd., Yokoni Service Co., Ltd., Kusuharakensetsu Co., Ltd.,
Main finance banks
Bank of Yokohama, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sumitomo Trust & Banking

Overseas branch

Kusuhara Transportation Co., Ltd. Myanmar Branch (Myanmar)
Room #902/B, 9th Floor, Mahar Nawarat Condominium, 50th Street, Between Maha Bandula Road & Merchant Road, Botahtaung Township,Yangon
TEL +95-950-92700

Kusuhara Transportation Co.,Ltd. Dhaka office (Bangladesh)
Azhar Comfort Complex Level-3, 130/A Middle Baddah, Pragoti Saroni, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
TEL +880-13-1676-5519

Overseas affiliated companies

Kusuhara Thailand Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
No. 56 Yada Building, 9th Floor, Room No. 909 Silom Road, Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
TEL +66-2235-5836
TEL +66-3301-7867

Kusuhara New Transportation Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
No. 56 Yada Building, 9th Floor, Room No. 909 Silom Road, Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
TEL +66-2235-5836

Advantis Kusuhara Sedate Myanmar (Pvt) Ltd. (Myanmar)
Room #902/B, 9th Floor, Mahar Nawarat Condominium, 50th Street, Between Maha Bandula Road & Merchant Road, Botahtaung Township,Yangon
TEL +95-950-92700

Kusuhara Qamar Naz Ltd. (Bangladesh)
Suraiya Mansion, 3rd Floor, 30 Agrabad C/A, Chattogram-4100, Bangladesh
TEL +880-1721-139-436
TEL +880-1819/1619-381-121

Yusen Logistics & Kusuhara Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
West Wing, Ground Floor, 400, Deans Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka
TEL +94-11-4732900

Efforts for AEO system

Kusuhara Transportation operates an international transport business as the only Japanese company of its kind, with certifications in all three AEO systems.

1. Fully licensed as an AEO operator
Kusuhara Transportation Co., Ltd. received approval from Yokohama Customs as an AEO Transportation Operator per the AEO certification system on April 18, 2012. We were approved as an AEO Warehouse Operator in March 2008 and an AEO Customs Broker in August 2010. As a result, we became the first company in Japan to receive certification in all three AEO systems for which international logistics operators are eligible.
2. Providing uniform service to customers
Ten years have passed since our company became certified as an AEO operator, and during this time, awareness of compliance systems and security management have grown within the company, we have pursued increased communication and sharing of information, and various workflows have become standardized, allowing us to provide more accurate and uniform service to our customers.
3. Strengthening security measures for international logistics shipments
We are shoring up personnel and physical security measures, such as through the installation of surveillance cameras and other equipment involved in warehouse operations, in bonded areas and elsewhere. We are also shoring up review systems related to handling of trade cargo and customs clearance operations entrusted to us by customers.
By obtaining certification as an AEO operator, we are subject to the basic security measures required of AEO operators to eliminate the three risks of theft, replacement, or insertion of international cargo at the time of departure, arrival, and transport. This requires operators in this space to share information with outsourcing partners and pursue further collaboration.
4. Lead time and cost reduction through easing of customs procedures
Going forward, all international logistics cargo handled by our company will be stored and transported across a supply chain of AEO operators with consistent security in all aspects of customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation, and this will be managed under a legal compliance system. This will enable us to provide advanced services to clients under the motto of “Safety, Reliability, and Speed.” Moreover, as customs procedures AEO operators have access to are eased through regulatory reform, this will allow for major reductions in lead time and costs in international logistics freight.


In order for a company to continue to meaningfully contribute to society, it is essential that it carry out its work while cognizant of the economy, society, and environment in a balanced manner. Kusuhara Transportation considers compliance with laws and regulations and consideration for the environment and safety as key management issues for the continuous growth and development of our firm and long-term improvement of corporate value. To that end, we have obtained various certifications demonstrating our commitment to these areas.

ISO 14001

Kusuhara Transportation Environmental Policy

Kusuhara Transportation Co., Ltd. contributes to society through its business, which is based on pursuing sincerity and harmony. As a member of the local community, we recognize the importance of global environmental issues and actively promote conservation activities, aiming to be a company that garners the trust and empathy of society at large.

Code of conduct

  1. We promote environmental management activities under an environmental management system with the aim of harmonizing our logistics business with the environment.
  2. Over the course of our business activities, we promote resource and energy conservation, control the causative agents of air pollution and global warming generated through that process, and promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste.
  3. We ascertain what hazards and hazardous substances exist that have a harmful effect on the human body, and implement appropriate safety and protective measures against them.
  4. We actively participate in the creation of a recycling-oriented society through streamlining logistics.
  5. In addition to identifying and complying with laws and regulations applicable to the environmental aspects of our business activities, and complying with agreements with organizations and customers, we take thorough measures to avoid, reduce, and manage all forms of waste we generate or release in order to prevent pollution.
  6. Based on this environmental policy, we set and implement environmental objectives and targets, and periodically review them to continuously improve our environmental management activities.
  7. We provide education and training not only to our officers and personnel, but to all people working at our business sites, such that they can share a core understanding of our environmental approaches and act in line with this environmental policy.
  8. This environmental policy is disclosed to the public in response to external requests.

April 1, 2006
Takaaki Hanajima, president & CEO, KUSUHARA Transportation Co., Ltd.

ISO 27001

Kusuhara Transportation Basic Policy on Information Security

As a company operating a warehousing and freight forwarding business, we are deeply aware of the importance of our own information assets and how they affect our business activities, as well as information assets like personal information that are entrusted to us by our customers. By building and operating an information security management system for these information assets, we aim to contribute to a healthy information society as a company that garners the trust and peace of mind of people everywhere.

Code of conduct

  1. In order to continuously ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets, our management team, personnel, and other members (including contract employees and temporary employees) thoroughly ensure that information provided to us by clients and other external parties is handled appropriately in accordance with these standards.
  2. In consideration of the importance of information assets, technological advances, and changes in the business environment, we conduct risk analysis against vulnerabilities and internal and external threats, and take appropriate information security measures against these risks.
  3. We conduct our business in compliance with legal regulations, industry standards, and other codes and contractual obligations related to information security.
  4. We regularly educate our personnel and raise awareness about the proper use of information assets, and strive to maintain the human capabilities and knowledge necessary to ensure ongoing information security.
  5. In the event of circumstances that may lead to an adverse information security incident, such as leakage of personal information, we promptly report the matter to the related parties and implement measures to minimize its impact.
  6. We take strict disciplinary measures against those who violate our basic policies and legal regulations.

June 1, 2010
Takaaki Hanajima, president & CEO, KUSUHARA Transportation Co., Ltd.

ISO 45001

Kusuhara Transportation Safety and Health Policy

Kusuhara Transportation Co., Ltd. contributes to society through its business, which is based on pursuing sincerity and harmony. We recognize that ensuring the safety and health of our workers is inseparable from our corporate activities, and actively promote safety and health management to that end. In so doing, we aim to be a company that garners the trust and empathy of society at large.

Code of conduct

  1. Elimination of accidents and disasters
    We aim to eliminate accidents and disasters by working together as a team and promoting health and safety management activities in which everyone participates.
  2. Workplace sanitation and health management
    We strive to maintain a hygienic environment in the workplace and promote health management to prevent health problems among our personnel.
  3. Establishing a culture of safety
    We properly implement and operate an occupational safety and health management system to ensure an organizational culture of “safety first.”
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We comply with laws and regulations, customer standards/rules, and internal standards/regulations applicable to facilities, equipment, machinery, vehicles, cargo, materials and other substances implicated in our business operations.
  5. Safety and health targets and safety and health plans
    We set and implement safety and health targets and safety and health plans in line with our health and safety policy, and regularly review and evaluate our achievement status towards those targets.
  6. Continuous improvement
    We aim to prevent the occurrence of accidents and disasters, and improve the standard and performance of occupational safety and health management by regularly reviewing and continuously improving the way we implement and carry out such systems.
  7. Communication and dissemination
    We communicate and disseminate our core approaches to safety and health to ensure that not only our employees, but all those involved in the workplace, act in accordance with our safety and health policy.
  8. Disclosure of our safety and health policy
    This safety and health policy will be disclosed upon request.

January 1, 2008
Takaaki Hanajima, president & CEO, KUSUHARA Transportation Co., Ltd.

Initiatives of SDGs

We endorse the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed upon at the UN Summit in 2015, and consider what we can contribute to society as a logistics company, actively working to realize a sustainable society.

Safety and health initiatives

  • We have acquired ISO45001 certification (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). (At select places of business)
    By actively promoting safety and health management activities, we aim to be a company that garners the trust and empathy of society at large.
  • We have obtained G Mark certification. We continue to make efforts to improve safety, such as by garnering trust from society at large, pursuing accident and cost reductions, and introducing remote IT solutions to interacting with our field crew.


Remote interaction with field personnel

Implementation of education and training

  • We are helping create a society where people are more considerate of each other through our training of human resources, such as HR department training, safety competitions (twice a year), workplace safety meetings (once a month), creation of F/L training centers, and safe driving simulators.

Safety tournament

Safe driving simulator

Acceptance of technical interns

  • We want to share our technical expertise and knowledge with incoming interns, contributing to the next generation of talent that can take those skills back to their home countries and contribute to the growth of their economies.

Entrance ceremony

A view of our team at work

Environment building

  • We have acquired ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification as of 2003. (At select places of business)
  • By always recognizing the importance of global environmental issues and actively promoting conservation activities, we aim to be a company that garners the trust and empathy of society at large.
  • Drive recorders and digital tachometers are installed on all trucks we own, and we practice environmentally-friendly eco-driving.


Digital tachometer