Total solution

Offering “door-to-door,” integrated services

Our ability to link various logistics contexts and achieve an accurate and smooth logistics system comes from the consistent and integrated suite of services unique to Kusuhara Transportation. Because Kusuhara Transportation brings its own in-house roster of personnel and equipment for each logistics context, we are able to effectively respond to client needs and ensure that each service is synergistically integrated for a totally optimized and smooth suite of intermodal transportation services. We provide beneficial logistics services to our customers through practical services drawn from abundant experience and achievements. In addition, we bring peace of mind through AEO certification in the three areas logistics agents are eligible to be certified: customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation.

Strong & flexible

We have achieved a robust network and flexible response through our fleet of in-house equipment

We provide optimal solutions to our customers through our ability to adapt to diversifying logistics needs, and through our technical capabilities and expertise drawn from our abundant experience and achievements. We have a system and team in place that allow us to follow-through on all aspects of logistics in a flexible and detailed way. In addition to Kusuhara Transportation’s across-the-board expertise and integrated work system, each of our team members is an expert in logistics, and we actively aim to be the best partner for our customers. We create optimized logistics services by always being aware of what it is that customers truly need.

Third-party logistics
Kusuhara Transportation’s 3PL

Clients outsource their logistics needs to our company around the three core pillars below.


    Reducing logistics-related costs

    We leverage internal hardware assets to the fullest while reducing indirect costs and improving workflows. This system allows for the creation of logistics workflows entirely in-house, cutting down on wasteful labor by unifying outward-facing points of contact into a single one.


    Improving customer service

    We are confident that you will be satisfied by our ability to always respond to your needs with alacrity and by providing safer and more secure services as a unified team.


    Securing market competitiveness

    By working in tandem with customers to review and reduce overall logistics costs while providing high-quality services, we create a framework for the client’s logistics that is tailored to the needs of the market.