Import and export

We bring our real-world expertise and reliable service to bear on every facet of import/export operations.

Import/export brings a wide range of contexts, items, and diversifying needs. Kusuhara Transportation brings practical, real-world solutions driven by our abundant experience and achievements, and the trust that comes from our certifications as an AEO Warehouse Operator and AEO Customs Broker, creating solutions of benefit to our customers.

Truck transportation

Under the slogan that “our customers’ needs are our needs,” we aim to put a smile on people’s faces and bring trust throughout Japan.

Kusuhara Transportation maintains a fleet of trucks and special vehicles that operates all over Japan to meet diverse transportation needs, such as those for special cargo, certain regions, and specific delivery dates. We propose the best vehicles for the job that take into account service improvement, cost reduction, and reduced environmental impact. We pursue full compliance and provide total logistics support through flexible solutions. With our motto as “safety first,” all of our personnel work together closely to ensure safe transportation.

Customs clearing

We achieve a reliable customs clearance service through accurate and prompt responses to clearance needs.

Kusuhara Transportation is committed to offering accurate and prompt solutions for all proxy work involved in all customs clearance, tax payment, and declaration procedures necessary for the import and export of cargo. We have obtained licenses from Yokohama Customs and Tokyo Customs, and leverage our network of partner companies in other ports to offer nationwide services, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. In conjunction with Kusuhara Transportation’s excellence in offering a comprehensive, integrated system, each of our members goes about their work with ambition and actively takes on new responsibilities in all aspects of customs clearance.


We have established a system that caters to all moving needs.

For many years, our moving operations team has transported important household goods from customers and responded to all manner of needs. Drawing on that ample experience, we support everything from packing to delivery to and from any point around Japan through a domestic service network that supports Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south, and any point around the world through partnerships with overseas transportation companies in an intermodal transportation system. Under the motto of “Safety, Reliability, and Speed,” we have established a comprehensive in-house handling system (encompassing steps like preliminary inspection, packed goods collection, delivery unpacking, import/export customs clearance, warehousing, etc.) to realize speedy and safe services.

Cargo handling

Yard operation

Expert stevedore supervisors (foremen) at onboard and coastal cargo handling sites

Stevedore supervisors are essential at onboard and coastal cargo handling sites. These experts follow stowage plans to responsibly oversee efficient scheduling to carry out cargo handling in the shortest possible time, negotiations with commanding and supervising ship crew at cargo handling sites, and conducting meetings. In addition to their abundant experience, expertise, and proven operational capabilities, they bring top-flight communication skills and leadership to bear in key onboard/coastal cargo handling situations.

Ship’s agent business

We act on your behalf for all port entry and departure procedures and captain duties.

There is a wide range of procedures that ships must perform when they call in port, from preparation for entry, to cargo handling at the port, to departure procedures. Ship agency services perform these tasks on behalf of the captain. Following careful meetings with the captain, we prepare berth arrangements and handle filings with customs and immigration authorities, conduct schedule management, and more, doing so safely, quickly, and accurately.

Crane operation

As an expert in handling heavy goods, we achieve optimal crane operations.

Kusuhara Transportation’s state-of-the-art cranes are active in a wide range of industries, such as construction sites, logistics, and ports. Experienced personnel manage everything from drafting construction plans to carrying out work. By pursuing a total safety first approach, we guarantee safe and expeditious work. We propose optimal crane work according to the on-site needs of all industries, including those of major construction companies, and have built up an extensive track record and trust through demonstrable work outcomes.



Our warehouses excel at reliability and convenience and serve as logistics hubs for intermodal transportation.

Kusuhara Transportation’s warehouses function as logistics hubs for intermodal transportation. These are highly reliable bonded warehouses certified as AEO Warehouse Operators, and are located close to the piers of major ports and expressway interchanges, offering outstanding accessibility. We accommodate all manner of logistics needs through a comprehensive system that encompasses storage (deposit/space rental), logistics outsourcing, cargo handling, logistics processing, bonded management/storage of export/import goods, security management, and more. We also have a dedicated berth at Daikoku Pier that allows us to handle conventional ships.

Distributive processing

Minimizing the movement of goods while supporting your manufacturing and sales flows.

Logistics processing involves packing and shipping domestic and foreign products in a way that meets the needs of the client. We accommodate today’s diversifying logistics processing needs by performing a range of tasks that include warehousing, inspection, repacking, picking, labeling, packaging, and shipping, all at our own warehouses with our own equipment, personnel, and systems in place.

Logistics real estate

Using our logistics expertise and proprietary network, we provide the optimal warehouse for your needs.

We are equipped to propose and introduce to you the optimal warehouse for you based on location, items to be stored, functionality, dates, cost, and use/needs. That is the essence of logistics real estate at Kusuhara Transportation. Utilizing our strong connections with warehouses all over Japan, a proprietary network, and logistics expertise and insights in comprehensive logistics solutions developed over many years, we propose and introduce you to the optimal warehouse for your needs.

ODA / Project cargo

  • River transportation of bridge pier components in Bangladesh

  • Local unloading of emergency goods transported by charter use of a former Soviet Union large cargo transport aircraft (Antonov 124)

  • Container unloading using a crane in front of a Buddhist site (large Buddha statue) that collapsed due to Taliban attacks in Bamiyan (Afghanistan)

  • Maritime transportation of pier components from Vietnam to Myanmar

  • Land transportation of an Italian 100-ton transformer in Myanmar

  • Sea transportation of three gantry cranes bound for the Sri Lanka Ports Authority