Total Logistics Solution Provider

Logistic solution of KUSUHARA Transportation answering to various needs

The consistent transportation structure of KUSUHARA Transportation is demonstrating secure response
and proposal to the diversifying logistics and transportation needs.
Various services are working together in various scenes, providing optimal logistic solutions.



  • Truck transportation

    “Smile” and “reliance” are delivered throughout Japan with “The needs of the customer are our needs” as our word.

  • Import and export

    Powers of execution and reliance are exercised in every scenes of import and export.

  • Customs clearing

    Reliable customs clearing is realized by adequate and fast handling.

  • Moving

    A system to handle every moving needs is established.

Cargo Handling

  • Yard operation

    Appropriate operation systems for the warehouse or factory are set up.

  • Ship’ s agent business

    Every port clearance service and captain service can be represented.

  • On board and shore stevedoring

    An expert of the on board and shore cargo handling, stevedore supervisor (foreman)

    Daikoku Wharf L-8 Private Berth

  • Crane operation

    Optimal crane operation is realized as an expert of heavy lifting.


  • Warehouse

    Reliable and convenient warehouse is the logistic hub of the consistent transportation.

    Daikoku Wharf Warehouse

  • Distributive processing

    Production and sales are supported with minimal movement of things.

  • Logistics real estate

    The best warehouse is proposed with our logistics know-how and network.

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